torstai 28. toukokuuta 2015

Ropecon 2015- Two for the price of one

So Ropecon was couple of weeks ago again. That con is REALLY the best 'con out there. I do always a ton of shit there, I waste ton of money on a different nerd swag and I I'm always sad when it has to end. Really, it is the three best days of gaming in Finland.

And nowadays, I cosplay there as well! I had two costumes with me this year- I'm still poor, and I could not made a new costume from the scratch. So I decided to make a closet costume and use a old costume again. My first costume was my old friend CAPTAIN BOOMERANG. I wanted to use the New 52- version because that looks way cooler than the classic one (Which I had as well) and it was easy to make. I had the jacket, cap, gloves and boots. I had to buy a new scarf, and make more boomerangs. But all in all, this was a really easy costume.

But then it got hot. I mean, sun was blazing and I was wearing a hoodie and black jacket and a woolly cap. I had to change to my lighter costume. That was the THE HOOD. I have used that costume before as well, but I like it so much! Hood is such a badass, and that costume is practically jsut a cloak. Nice and breezy cloak. I also took some photos with my buddies Kerttu aka MISTRESS OF STRATEGIES-LOKI and Oskari aka SPIDER-MAN. Here's some of that fun:

It was a fun. Next time is Hypecon, and I'll probably try something new there again. You'll see. *Waugh waugh*

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tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

Tampere Kuplii 2015

'ello 'ello!

It's springtime for me, even though the weather seems to be disagreeing with me. And springtime means one thing and one thing only: the cosplay season is here!

So that's great. And the first in the line is classic goodie known as TAMPERE KUPLII. Last year we had our first Marvel group, and that little meeting has now grown to a tradition. We met in Ropecon and Tracon last year, and with every meeting our group goes ever larger. At last Tampere kuplii we had 9 cosplayers. This year?

19. This is a growth rate I like. We had characters based on movies, comics, and even some very original creations. I was going to make a Hobgoblin costume for this one, but then my monetary situation just kinda...blowed up. So I just took my old Doc Doom costume....yet again, but last time for a while. I made sure of that buy destroying my old armor pieces for good this time. I had to make them from scratch next time, and to make it better. I added some studs to mask and remade the Infinity Gauntlet:

Bah! Enough about me. We as a group had ton of fun, and it was great to see everybody again. As I said, we had some new faces again and some new characters as well- Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord and many more. But what am I babbling about, picture tells more than thousand words:

So that was grand. After that, we had a good meal in Siperia's SpeakEasy restaurant and that was fun as well. It was nice to just sit down and talk about stuff like school, work and movies. For me it was one of the best parts of the day.

So yeah, that was fun. Next time is probably going to be Marvel, but no more Doom. Popcult Helsinki will bw the next con, and after that Ropecon, coming early this year. Until then,  here's a special present- I found this amazing Shazam cosplay and had to take photo with him:

See ya next time!
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keskiviikko 24. joulukuuta 2014


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that spirit of Christmas reaches to everybody's hearts and we could all enjoy the best holiday there is! And, again, Muppets can put the words better than everybody else!

As a added christmas bonus, here's a pic from a small con where I debuted my re-worked Captain Boomerang costume. I see you next year!

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maanantai 22. joulukuuta 2014

Tracon 2014- Best two days

About the fucking time the pictures came.

Ahem. So Tracon 9 was held at september, and I had ton of fun. Why I post only now about it? Well, because the photos of my cosplay that I took at the booth came only few days ago. So, better now than never, here are my two costumes:

Doctor Doom

Second time! This time I "upgraded" it a bit, by adding more armor to legs and arms and also making my own INFINITY GAUNTLET! So that's cool. even though it looked kinda shabby, I was pleased how it turned out- but not for long. Later that day my arms started to ache and I barely got any sleep the night after. Foam+tape+paint= not much breathing for the skin, apparently. Need to up my game in armor making in the future. Anyway, here's pics:
Work in progress!

@Netta Nikander
@Mira Strengell

@Netta Nikander

And we also threw together a Marvel group again on Saturday, and by god, it was awesome. I could not think we could possibly have more fun than we had last time but damn, proved me wrong. We had a bigger group, with Winter Soldier and Captain America joining from Ropecon and also Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Star-Lord and lots of more. We took photos, walked around the convention (when we could- so many people asked to take pictures!) and it was great. I can't overplay how important and fun that day was for me. I rarely get to cosplay with people, so gatherings like that are the best.Pics!

@Mira Strengell
@Mira Strengell


Third time! Little changes as well. Red shirt to bring more character and some new gloves. Looked allright, the mask is still the best part of the costume. Plan to use this again in future, I just love to be Scarecrow! We also had a wee DC group at Sunday, pics are coming as soon as i get back from holidays. But here's Scarecrow!

@Helene Lindfors
@Helene Lindfors

So that was cool. Next time is Tampere Kuplii in March, and FINALY it is time for the costume long in the making, and in collaboration with the Dean Clayton of Headhunter Store. My next character is going to be my favourite Spider-Man villain. Guess who?

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sunnuntai 3. elokuuta 2014

Ropecon 2014- Man that Killed Captain America

Hello and how do you do! It's been a while, but I got some new pictures for you! Last weekend was my all-time  favourite finnish convention, ROPECON. Ropecon is roleplaying convention- in fact, it is one of the largest in the Scandinavia and Europe! While it is not known for its cosplay was well as Desucon or Tracon, there are some flippin' cool cosplay there- one of kind, because these cosplayers rarely venture outside of Ropecon. I actually started my cosplaying in Ropecon 2007, as you might remember from my earlier post and I continued this tradition last year with Scarecrow. Now I used a whole new costume, one I have been itching to put on for a while now, and here it is- Brock Rumlow aka CROSSBONES from Marvel comics, the frequent enemy of Captain America.

@Petri Kuittinen

I also found this little battleaxe from the stands. He looked so sad, all alone- so I decided to pick it up and give it a home! (Hopefully in Roger's head.)

@Lauri Maijala

And I was not alone all the time! At Sunday I found my mates from Tampere Kuplii's Marvel group cosplay, and even some new members to our group in form of Winter Soldier and- Blasted Captain America! I WILL GET YOU NOW!

@Kerttu Vähänen
@Petri Kuittinen- Here I am wearing Shorts-it got too hot!

So as you can see, I had a blast. I saw some very amazing and innovative cosplay, and I post here some links to good galleries of those photoes by some professionals! Next is Tracon again (full circle) and I'm bringing back some of my old costumes and characters- but do not believe that I won't fix them up a little and try something new! So see you in September!

Atte T

Google+ by Petri Kuittinen


keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014

Cosvision post 2/2 - What did I look like again?

Now's the part of my Cosvision experience that involves pictures- my cosplay! No making-of parts this time, this was done before I even realized it. I went with Marvel comics supervillain called the Hood, real name Parker Robbins. Created by the genius of Brian K. Vaughn, he is the kingpin of New York, but before that he was small-time crook with lots of problems. Then he found red cloak, which gived him various powers, as well boots that allowed him to walk in the air. With new powers, this small-time crook rised up in the criminal society, uniting gangs to do jobs together and split the loot, and soon enough he became leader of hundreds of burglars, drug lords and murderers and of course, dozens of supervillains like the Wrecking crew, Wizard, Hydroman and all the other b-list losers that needed guidance. He has been frequent enemy of Avengers and Spider-man for some 10 years.

Enough about that guy! Here's me!
OH MY GOD what's that face. 

I also found Wolverine, and I wanted to duel him.

So that is that! Next time, it's time for the "big" one- one I have been working for long time and with props made by Headhunter Store. That is for the future, possibly for Hypecon and Ropecon and if I don't have time to do anything else, Tracon.


tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014

Cosvision post 1/2: What did I think about it


For the first time ever, Cosvision was held in Logomo (venue hall in Turku) last weekend. I was excited- new cons are always fun to check out, and this was specificaly aimed for cosplayers and all the shows were about cosplay, and there were many cosplay competitions. I too, dressed my costume again and headed to Turku. My costume was that of Parker Robbins, aka The Hood from Marvel Comics, regular foe of Avengers and sometimes Spider-Man. I'll make separate post about the costume as soon as I get some photos that don't suck.

Location, location, location

Logomo hall was absolutely fantastic. It was within walking distance of railway station, it had it's own cafe where you could get drinks, sandwhiches and even brunch! All the rooms for panels and workshops were easy to find and were on the same floor. Merchant's are was right there when you walked in, in the big open area- this was one of the first cons ever in Finland where you didn't have to use elbows to get to buy stuff! There was no problem with ventilation either- the rooms were nice and cool even if you were wearing heavy cloak. And above all- there were dressing rooms. Normally they are restricted to the cosplay competitors, but now I could just walk there and adjust my cape (and try out t-shirt so I would not buy to small, tee hee!) and there were masking tape, needles and other tools for fixing your costume.

  I wana buy that-and that-and.....

Okay, so the merchant's area was great-but what about the merchants? In Finland, there are always the same people selling the same stuff at most of the cons, save for the Ropecon and Helsinki Comic Festival. Urumi selling their anime-manga merchandise, t-shirt vendors with too small shirts, those guys selling katana-umbrellas and goth stuff and so on. But there is always one who does not let you down. Headhunter Store and Dean Clayton at it's helm. We chatted about movies and figures like we always do, and I bought  home big Iron Man figure and some small minifigures. If you like Doctor Who, Aliens, Assasins Creed, Batman, Marvel, Terminator, Hellraiser, He-Man or old horror movies- you better call Dean!
There were also Bard&Jester store at present, who sell Steampunk/Leatherpunk esque stuff. I have not seen them outside Ropecon, and I was glad to see them expand. There is also Artist's Alley, where you could buy awesome art pieces made by amateur artists. I bought awesome Jon Snow and Ghost-piece, and wooden fox-pin for my mother as a mother's day gift! My favourite thing was the Venom plush I bought- it so cute I can't even!

"We are tonight's entertainment!"

I went to only two shows- mostly because there where nothing that interesting going on, and I knew that Cosplay competition would have super-long lines. But I am glad that I chose them! First one was by one of the honor quests, Kairi from Poland. She talked about preparing for Cosplay show, and it was really great! Simple and effective ways of getting your own and your buddies act together, and I liked how she told not to be too soft with these thing: "You have to think that everybody in the audience is dumb." I liked that, and undestand the point behind it. I later met her at the floor, and her Black Canary cosplay was great! I was pleased to find that she was DC comics fan, and we quickly chatted about New 52 -line of DC comics and cosplay. She was really nice person!

Other show was concert by Sherlock Holmes. Yeah! Violinist was cosplaying Sherlock from the BBC:s Sherlock-tv series,a nd she played violin parts to songs from TV-series, games and movies- I really liked it, and it was serene moment in otherways busy day of running around. I especially loved Sephiroth, Paprika and Cowboy Bebob pieces. And she was playing them from memory alone!

What a day

So that covers my Cosvision saturday. I met some of my friends from Marvel-cosplay at Tampere kuplii, ate some very good Karelian pasty and had a blast! I really liked Cosvision, and I hope it is held again next year! Fanfest was another new convention that was held in last November, but it is probably not coming back this year. Let's hope that does not happen to this time!